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Cross Church Mission Nation William Pridmore's

As you may know, I transitioned back into the states about 6 months ago and have been pursuing ministry outside of international missions. My time on the mission field was amazing and God showed me so much of what he was doing all over the world. Since being home, I have been pursuing ministry locally and the Lord lead me to Cross Church School of Ministry! Cross Church School of Ministry (CCSM) is a year long ministry residency where me and 13 of my classmates will be earning academic credit, learning how to lead spiritually in our desired position at the church, Domestic and International mission trips, and so many other amazing things!

This year I will be working in worship ministry at the Cross Church Springdale campus under the mentorship of an extremely faithful man, Andrew Shafer! It’s been a process learning how to best do ministry in the time of this pandemic but through great leadership the Lord has been guiding us tremendously.

As we go through this season of life together I ask that you join me in two areas:

1)Pray- Pray for me as I embark on the School of Ministry journey that I would remain steadfast in scripture and that I wouldn’t have my ministry define my relationship with Christ. Pray for me and my classmates as we travel through each state, country, continent, that we would be kept safe and that Gods love would flourish in the communities we go to

2)Give- Along with prayer I ask that you would partner with me by giving. For me to have the ability to pursue all these things I need to raise $5,000. Giving to this cause enables me to bring you alongside as we do eternal work for his kingdom. All gifts are tax deductible if you follow the procedures listed below.

Thank you for spending the time to read this and for helping me on this journey that the father has set for me! I’m excited to tell you all about all the great things to come.

With much love,


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