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Seth and Megan's London Transition

Welcome to our page! 

Seth and Megan are so excited to be moving to London, England to partner with Redeemer Queen's Park in ministry. We will both be pursuing jobs, Megan as a mathematics teacher and Seth in the media field. This is will give us the opportunity to build relationships with people, do ministry with the church, and share the gospel with London!

There are two ways that you can help in this season:

1) Prayer. We have seen over the past year how important prayer is in the life of a believer. Prayer is the way God works in our lives and we are a living testament to that fact! We have many prayer points that you can access on our website which is linked below.

2) Giving. We have been selling all our possessions and will only be taking four suitcases, two carry-ons, and two backpacks with us. This has freed us up from many transition costs. However, there are still other costs that we have experienced in high volume such as visas, plane tickets, airbnb stays, amongst others. You can partner with us in giving to our mission by either a one time donation or a monthly recurring donation. 

These two areas of partnership will be such a blessing to us in more ways than you know. If you would like to keep up with us, see prayer points, or hear more about how God has worked in our lives, you can click the link below to our website:

Thank you for helping get the gospel to the millions of people groups in London!

With Love,

Seth and Megan Campbell

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