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iFeed1 General Ministry

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $200
Recurring donations:
Amount Raised: $0
  • $15,000
    One-time Goal
  • $14,800
    One-time Still Needed
  • $1,000
    Recurring Goal
  • $1,000
    Recurring Still Needed

These funds support iFeed1 in the general ministry functions that occur on a day-to-day basis including staff salary and on-the-ground costs.

This money would also supply the needed funds for the renovation of the School of Ministry training center including educational training areas and student sleeping areas. This will also help with housing for short-term teams and the construction of the bathhouse.

The $1,000 recurring donations fund would support a majority of the daily financial needs of iFeed1.

Partner with us in the general ministry of iFeed1.

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