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Cross Church School of Ministry-Courtney Rasmussen

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God is moving in my life in BIG ways this year! I can’t wait to share with you some of the experiences I’m about to embark on, and I would love for you to support my journey! 

Six years ago, if a person were to tell me I was going into ministry after getting a 4-year business degree, I would’ve laughed in their face! Mainly because 6 years ago I didn’t even claim to know God. Since then, God has brought so much healing and peace to my life. He has continually shaped me to look more like Jesus, although, it hasn’t been the easiest ride!

During my time in college, God revealed my incredible passion for ministry. Not just sitting in a seat…but actually leading people to know Jesus more! Now I’m here, in a 1-year residency at Cross Church, trying to cultivate and grow the gifts and passions God has given me.

 Part of my residency is spent with the School of Ministry at Cross Church, where we learn more about God’s word, Christian life, and leadership. Also, we’ll go on 3 mission trips: 2 domestic and 1 overseas. The other portion of my residency is spent with the Young Adult’s Ministry, “The Porch”. There, I’ll be building relationships with girls, organizing our Tuesday night events, and learning to lead and mobilize large groups of people.

 How can you help?

 1.     Prayer- I need this so much!! Pray for me to have a servant’s heart and endurance that only comes from God’s strength. And most importantly, pray that I would choose to rely on God!

2.     Financial support- School of Ministry students are required to raise $5000 for the 3 mission trips this year, any amount helps!

Thank you for the encouragement you have been in my life and along my spiritual journey. I can’t wait to share with you all the ways that God will move!

God Bless You!


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